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Brake Monitoring for Caravans and Trailers

Why do I need a Brake Monitor?

The most  critical safety system on a caravan is the brake system.  A defect in the brake system is likely to have catastrophic consequences in an emergency braking event.  
Regular inspection and servicing of the brake system is essential and will certainly provide some peace-of-mind.  However, electric brake systems are prone to wear and tear caused by the movement of the suspension and debris kicked up off the road surface.  Faults can occur in the system at any time, but without a way of monitoring the system how would you know? 
Simply feeling for a pull on the tow ball when you apply the brakes is not enough to confirm that the brake mechanism in each wheel is working and adjusted correctly.  Similarly, attempting to confirm that all wheels lock up when the brakes are fully applied is not a convenient test to do.
The uneven brake force distribution caused by a loss of braking on even just one wheel is enough to cause  any vehicle to swerve under heavy braking.  

What is the safe2tow system?

The safe2tow Brake Monitoring System is a new product which allows monitoring of the electrical and mechanical performance of electric brake systems from any current iOS or Andriod smartphone or tablet.
The system incorporates a monitoring unit installed on the underbody of the towed vehicle and a small Bluetooth communication module.  The monitoring unit measures the electrical current (Amps) flowing through each wheel magnet and transmits this information, via Bluetooth, to the BrakeMonitor App on your smart device. 
By providing an accurate display of the wheel magnet currents, the safe2tow system provides instant visual feedback about the serviceability of the electric brake system and allows immediate diagnosis of any or all of the following faults: 
  • faulty connections
  • damaged wiring
  • defective brake magnets
  • defective brake controller
  • defective break-away system
  • incorrect brake adjustment

How does it work?

Interpretation of the current measurements displayed on the BrakeMonitor App does not require any electrical knowledge.  The level of each bar graph simply represents the control signal being applied to the brake mechanism in each wheel. 
At any time the level of all bar graphs should always be the same. Any significant difference in the bar levels provides a direct indication of a fault.  The following screen shots illustrate typical brake system faults.   
Broken wire
on Left Front wheel
Short circuit
on Left Front wheel
on Left Front wheel
Mechanical fault
on Left Front wheel

I'm not convinced...

That's okay!  Obviously this is only a brief overview and a bit more explanation is required. 
Here are a few short videos which will help to fill in some more of the details.

I want more.

Great!  Check out the other pages on our site! 
You'll find information about the founders, testimonials, How To installation videos, copies of all of our
technical documentation and our On-line Store.  
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