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Brake Monitoring for Caravans and Trailers


About Us

We all depend on one-another when it comes to road safety.  We also depend on the correct operation of our critical safety systems.  

Our Story

Based in North Queensland, BTLE Systems was founded in January 2016 by Duncan Carrison.  Duncan is a Chartered Professional Engineer with over 20 years of Defence Industry experience working with industrial automation and control systems. 
The idea to build a Brake Monitoring System was first spawned by Graeme Carrison, Duncan's father.  After working in the automotive industry for over 40 years, and now enjoying a life of leisure as a Grey Nomad, Graeme highlighted that ware and tear is a significant problem in electric brake systems.  Graeme also pointed out that there was no easy way for vehicle owners to routinely test these systems and as a result many of the vehicles travelling around on the road today contain undiagnosed faults.  
After then finding a chaffed wire in the brake magnet circuit on his own camper trailer... 
Duncan recognised his opportunity to make a difference.  An opportunity to apply his knowledge, skills and experience to a real world problem.  An opportunity to pursue his passions for technology, design and manufacturing.  And an opportunity to improve the safety of all road users.
But no one can do everything and Duncan knew that he would need the support of others.  So he turned to his long time friend and colleague, Shaun Geddes.  With over 35 years of experience in electronic design and software development Shaun's skills provided a perfect complement to Duncan's.
After 9 months of intense design and development the initial prototypes were complete and beta testing of the product commenced.  
At this time the product was entered into the Tropical North Queensland Innovation Awards.  Recognising the unique merits and significant safety benefits of the product we were nominated as finalists in the Best Pipeline Product category and ultimately came in runner-up at the award presentation.  
In December 2016 a Trade Mark Application was lodged against our safe2tow brand and in March 2017 the product was released onto the consumer market.  Sales have been going strong and we are now looking into growing our workforce and expanding our manufacturing capability.  
We are very proud to be producing a new and innovative Australian product and we are very proud of the fact that we are supporting hi-tech manufacturing in Australia.  
Join us on our journey and let us make your journey a little safer.


We recognise that this is a new product and that for may people this creates questions.  Questions about whether it is something they really need, questions about whether it will really live up to our claims, and questions about whether the benefits will really outweigh their investment. 
These are all valid questions, but rather than try and respond to them ourselves, we offer the experiences and feedback of some of our customers.  
Kim Moss, Uninet Enclosure Systems, Queensland
Dave Jennings, Cairns Caravan Repairs, Queensland
Kevin Myers, Knights Brake Specialists, Queensland
Ashley Goodman, Warpac Towbars and Trailers, Queensland
John Jackson, Airport Mechanical, Queensland
We recognise that our customers are our greatest asset and that customer satisfaction is fundamental to our on-going success.  So whether you are already a customer and would like to provide some feedback, or whether you would just like to make a comment about our product, we would love to hear from you.
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